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Offering huge capacities up to 6 cubic yards, Super Maxx™ II Series spreaders keep you out on the road for longer application intervals on the largest jobs. Super Maxx II models are equipped with a wide variety of original features that contribute to a simplified user experience, from setup and maintenance to operational efficiency.
SP-9300X SP-9500X SP-9800X SP-9300XH SP-9500XH SP-9800XH
Empty Weight 989 lb 1044 lb 1100 lb 989 lb 1044 lb 1100 lb
Overall Length 144" 155" 155" 144" 155" 155"
Overall Height 43" 45" 55" 43" 45" 55"
Overall Width 54" 54" 66" 54" 54" 66"
Floor Length 113" 122" 122" 144" 155" 155"
Floor Width 54" 54" 66" 54" 54" 66"
Hopper Length 108" 120" 120" 108" 120" 120"
Hopper Width 54" 54" 66" 54" 54" 66"

V-MAXX™ SP-9300/SP-9500

Get the big jobs done with the high performance SP-9300 and SP-9500 SnowEx® spreaders. With large capacities of 3.2 and 4.2 cubic yards to spread any combination of bulk salt and sand, these spreaders are perfect for large trucks and contractors who want to cut down on extra trips to the yard for reloading.
SP-9300 SP-9500
Empty Weight 939 lb 994 lb
Overall Length 108" 130"
Overall Height 43" 45.5"
Overall Width 54" 52"
Floor Length 100" 106"
Floor Width 49.5" 49"
Hopper Length 107½" 118½"
Hopper Width 54" 52"

V-MAXX™ SP-8500/SP-8550

The SnowEx® 8500 Series brings two different approaches to attacking ice. The SP-8500 efficiently spreads any combination of salt and sand, while the SP-8550 is specifically designed for higher material output for contractors who need to spread high volumes of sand in one pass.
SP-8500 SP-8550 SP-8500H
Empty Weight 780 lb 780 lb 780 lb
Overall Length 105½" 105½" 105½"
Overall Height 39" 39" 39"
Overall Width 48" 48" 48"
Floor Length 84" 84" 84"
Floor Width 44" 44" 44"
Hopper Length 96" 96" 96"
Hopper Width 48" 48" 48"

V-MAXX™ SP-7550

If you’re looking to tackle big jobs with a 3/4-ton fleet, the V-Maxx™ SP-7550 is your spreader. Featuring a 1.5-cubic-yard capacity, the SP-7550 can spread virtually any combination of materials…effectively, reliably and accurately.
Empty Weight 550 lb
Overall Length 89½"
Overall Height 34"
Overall Width 49"
Floor Length 66"
Floor Width 44"
Hopper Length 78"
Hopper Width 49"

V-PRO™ SP-3000/SP-6000

The V-Pro™ SP-3000 and SP-6000 sand and salt spreaders provide a more compact alternative to the V-Maxx™ Series, reducing the amount of weight added to your pickup. However, these units still pack a punch – delivering many of the unique features of our larger models, helping to reduce maintenance costs and avoid material waste.
SP-3000 SP-6000
Empty Weight 386 lb 416 lb
Overall Length 77" 77"
Overall Height 27" 36"
Overall Width 48½" 48½"
Floor Length 58" 58"
Floor Width 34" 44"
Hopper Length 66" 66"
Hopper Width 48½" 48½"
Don’t let their size fool you. The SP-100, SP-125 and SP-225 tailgate spreaders offer big performance for smaller application needs. The SP-100 and SP-125 are designed to spread bagged ice melters and calcium chloride pellets up to 20 feet wide, while the SP-225 can spread bagged rock salt. All three units are loaded with features that offer a level of sophistication that’s fit for snow and ice pros.
SP-100 SP-125 SP-225
Empty Weight 75 lb 65 lb 79 lb
Overall Length 22" 22" 18"
Overall Height 30" 30" 33"
Overall Width 30" 30" 33"
Hopper Length 22" 22" 16.5"
Hopper Width 30" 30" 33"


There’s no need to run an electrical harness from the spreader to the cab when using the SnowEx® SR-210 wireless tailgate spreader. Designed to handle bagged rock salt, this plug-and-play unit features a vertical high-flow auger with patented spinner motor for rock solid performance.
Empty Weight 68 lb
Overall Length 22"
Overall Height 32"
Overall Width 30"
Hopper Length 22"
Hopper Width 30"


Every snow fighter is different. That’s why SnowEx® tailgate spreaders are available in several models. Each unit, whether it’s the SP-325, SP-575X or SP-1075X, is purpose built to address a specific need. No matter what type of material is being spread, or how large of an area is being treated, we have a solution to get the job done while reducing material waste and requiring low maintenance.
SP-325 SP-575X SP-1075X
Empty Weight 79 lb 106 lb 141 lb
Overall Length 18" 20½" 21"
Overall Height 33" 35" 40"
Overall Width 33" 38" 52"
Hopper Length 16½" 20½" 21"
Hopper Width 33" 38" 47½"


Bulk up with the SP-1575 and SP-1875. These tailgate salt spreaders can handle pretty much any type of material, including bulk salt, sand and salt/sand mix. SnowEx® first developed this concept in 1999, so when you use one of these spreaders, you’re putting years of field-proven performance to work.
SP-1575 SP-1875
Empty Weight 160 lb 180 lb
Overall Length 20½" 24"
Overall Height 34" 36"
Overall Width 38" 52"
Hopper Length 20.5" 21"
Hopper Width 38" 47"


The SD-600 and SD-1400 are the ultimate sidewalk salt spreaders. With their unique polyethylene hopper designs and consistent material delivery systems, these units drop material exactly where you want it. That means no more killing turf, and no more wasting salt.


SD-600 SD-1400
Empty Weight 175 lb 375 lb
Overall Length 24" 30"
Overall Height 28" 38"
Overall Width 49½" 60"
Hopper Length 20¼" 24¼"
Hopper Width 48" 59⅜"



Not all sidewalks are created equal. And neither are spreaders. If your sidewalks aren’t consistent in width, consider the SP-1675 salt spreader. Unlike anything else out there, it has a highly precise spread pattern ranging from 4 to 12 feet wide. Now you can adjust on the fly to anything sidewalks throw your way.


Empty Weight 290 lb
Overall Length 30"
Overall Height 30"
Overall Width 49½"
Hopper Length 20"
Hopper Width 48"

The SnowEx® SP-7000 towable spreader frees up your vehicle to take on other tasks, such as carrying spreading materials, snow blowers or other equipment. With a sizeable capacity of 1.4 cubic yards, the SP-7000 is a great spreader for parking lots and garages, college and institutional campuses and private roadways.


Empty Weight 985 lb
Overall Length 128"
Overall Height 60"
Overall Width 64"
Hopper Length 78"
Hopper Width 49"


The SnowEx® SP-1225G is a ground-drive spreader designed for sidewalks, parking lots and other off-road specialty applications. The unit spreads bagged rock salt and chloride pellets, and is equipped with a lawn-and-garden style hitch for towing behind compact tractors, ATVs and utility vehicles.


Empty Weight 190 lb
Overall Length 30" excl. trailer tongue
Overall Height 30"
Overall Width 44"


For tight applications like sidewalks and driveways, SnowEx® offers the SP-65, SP-85 and SP-85SS walk-behind broadcast spreaders. All highlighted by durable poly hopper construction, these spreaders are capable of handling bagged rock salt and pelletized material, and have a capacity range of 100 to 160 pounds.
SP-65 SP-85 SP-85SS
Empty Weight 25 lb 42 lb 42 lb
Overall Length 50" 52" 52"
Overall Height 28" 33" 33"
Overall Width 26" 29" 29"
Hopper Length 18" 20" 20"
Hopper Width 23" 23" 23"


SnowEx® walk-behind drop spreaders are perfect for melting ice in confined areas. Offering 160-pound capacities, each unit spreads in a 28-inch-wide path, making them ideal for applying bagged rock salt or pelletized material to sidewalks, driveways and other tight applications.


SD-95 SD-95SS
Empty Weight 55 lb 55 lb
Overall Length 48" 48"
Overall Height 36" 36"
Overall Width 38¼" 38¼"
Hopper Length 13" 13"
Hopper Width 30" 30"

V-MAXX™ SP-2200/SP-2400

Turn your dump body into a winter workhorse with the SP-2200 under tailgate and SP-2400 replacement tailgate spreaders. These units allow you to combine the large capacity of a dump box with the efficiency of a SnowEx® auger system, providing a cost-effective solution for year-round truck use.


SP-2200 SP-2400
Empty Weight 353 lb 326 lb
Overall Length 18" 14"
Overall Height 20" 24"
Overall Width 96" 84"
Hopper Length 17" 17"
Hopper Width 95½" 84"