How to Purchase

NEW TRUCK: You can purchase or lease a Unicell body from any Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, or Medium Duty truck dealer or leasing company of your choice. The dealer will work up your price for the “complete” vehicle, both body and chassis. Many dealers throughout the Northeast US and Canada keep Unicell vans in stock. Call Unicell for a referral in your area.

Call Our Sales Team at:

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Call Our Sales Team at:

Or, complete our convenient contact form:

For convenience and the quickest possible delivery, Unicell Body Company has a “pool” of new chassis at their production locations, many of which are already pre-upfitted with bodies and ready to deliver within a few days.

USED TRUCK: Many times, customers incur damage to a van body while the chassis remains in good condition. If you already have a chassis, but would like a new Unicell body installed, please contact Unicell directly for a quote. For your convenience, Unicell will also remove and scrap your old body.

Conversely, an old chassis may bite the dust while the Unicell van body remains in good condition. In most cases, we can transfer the body from the old chassis to a brand new Ford, Chevrolet, or GMC chassis. Dry Freight models can transfer to a wider variety of chassis makes.
Either way, Unicell takes pride in making your old truck look new again!

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